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Speed of traffic at North Craigo

By David May

The speed of the traffic going through North Craigo ( A937) is very considerable and well above the speed limit, and as a result I have had complaints from the Craigo Village Hall Committee as well as from individual residents. Having been on a site visit and talked to a local resident about the issue I then contacted the senior traffic officer at the council, and asked that consideration is given to reducing the speed limit sign from 40 mph to 30 mph both on the entrance to the area where there is housing on the A937, as well as at the end of the housing on the Strathcathro/ Brechin Road at North Craigo. I also suggested that the signs are moved further away from the area where there is the housing and have also suggested that the road marking needs repainted as it is quite faded. It is clear when the police are there the vehicles do slow down but it is not possible for the police to be on duty on a regular basis so if what I have suggested can be done this could at least lessen what is a significant problem on what is an increasingly busy road.

From: David May



Litter on Coronation Avenue, Montrose.

By David May

Since the grass verges have been cut on Coronation Avenue by the parks staff, this has exposed the amount of litter that no doubt has been thrown out of passing vehicles. This road is a main entrance to the town and the amount of litter looks appalling.

I have had several people speaking to me about this and I contacted the local waste manager and I am please to report that I have been told that a clear up will be done very soon.

From: David May



Parking in the High Street

By David May

I have had increasing complaints from both drivers and pedestrians about the decision by Police Scotland for removing the traffic wardens from our streets. This has led to more parking on double yellow lines on corners and without question this is a safety issue.

I have also recently had complaints about the fact that due to the lack of traffic wardens, more and more drivers are totally ignoring the length of time they should park, and are leaving their vehicles for very lengthy periods of time. Not only does this mean other drivers cannot find a place to park it also means real problems for our local high streets shops as they are losing business / sales. We should be doing all we can to help our high street shops and not what is happening as the result of the Police Scotland decision.

AS a local councillor I call on the Chief Constable of Police Scotland Stephen House to realise his mistake and re-instate traffic wardens before we have accidents and to help our local shops. I also call on the SNP Justice Minister Kenny Macaskill to meet with the Chief Constable to ensure he reverses this ludicrous decision.

From: David May

By David May

Lib Dem peer and former MSP, Jeremy Purvis, will co-chair the first meeting of the new All Party Parliamentary Group on Reform, Decentralisation, and Devolution in the United Kingdom.

The cross party group has been established with fellow co-chair and Labour peer Lord Foulkes.

Co-Chair of the All-Party Group, Lord Purvis said:

“The very existence of the United Kingdom is being tested this year with the Scottish referendum. The new All Party Group is designed to create the space in Parliament where we can discuss, debate and decide the future shape of the UK. I am really delighted that our first meeting has such significant figures taking part. It shows both the seriousness of the issue and the opportunities ahead for us.”

The first public meeting brings together Sir Menzies Campbell MP and Shadow Scottish Secretary, Margaret Curran MP, former leader of the Welsh Conservatives, Lord Bourne, and other prominent figures in the debate on UK governance. Widely respected historian professor Lord Tennessy has accepted Jeremy’s invitation to chair the panel discussions of the figures from each party to discuss the future of the UK.

Jeremy added:

“Scottish Liberal Democrats under Willie Rennie’s leadership have been central in the debate on further strengthening the Scottish Parliament in the event of a No vote. The group I am co-chairing will be taking forward the wider cross party discussions on the way forward both for Scotland but also the whole of the UK. It will specifically be considering reform to the Westminster institutions and how the relationships between the nations, and governance within England can be improved.”

From: David May

By David May

Scottish Liberal Democrat MSP Jim Hume today said that the SNP’s commitment to localism is purely cosmetic and attacked their record on protecting public services in town centres.

Mr Hume’s comments came as Scottish Government Ministers endorsed the ‘Town Centre First’ principle, which encourages public bodies such as Police Scotland to consider the consequences of removing town centre facilities before final decisions on closures are taken.

SNP justice reforms mean that dozens of Police stations in communities across Scotland will ultimately close to the public.

Commenting, Jim Hume MSP said:

“Any move to protect services in our towns is to be welcomed but it is rich for the SNP to claim that they are encouraging the public sector to invest in town centres.

“This is a government that has overseen the withdrawal of key Police services and courts from communities around Scotland. They have centralised control over front line Fire control centres and often it seems like they will take power away from town halls at every opportunity.

“Their commitment to localism seems purely cosmetic.

“The withdrawal of these key public services from towns has not happened despite the SNP’s reforms. It is the direct consequence of the decisions they have taken in government.”

From: David May

By David May

I agree with Scottish Lib Dems Jeremy Purvis on his comments that the SNP’s economic policy is in tatters and that they need to come clean on whether they would cut spending or increase taxes more than the rest of the UK, as the new oil and gas estimates show that the SNPs projections on oil and gas revenues are over stead. It is clear that it is absurd to base their economic policy on volatile oil prices.

Scottish Liberal Democrat peer Jeremy Purvis today described new oil and gas estimates from the independent Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) as a hammer blow to the nationalist’s economic credibility.

In a letter to the convenor of the Scottish Parliament Finance Committee, Robert Chote, chair of the OBR, outlined revisions to their central projections of oil and gas revenues that would reduce North Sea income by £20.6 billion by 2040-41.

Commenting, Jeremy Purvis said:

“What these figures underline is the folly of basing your entire economic policy on a volatile and declining resource. The gap between the oil and gas assumptions upon which the SNP based the White Paper and the independent assessment of the OBR is now wider than it has ever been.

“There is now a near universal view from experts that an independent Scotland would have to raise taxes or cut spending further than the rest of the UK to pay for the SNP’s plans. These new projections are another hammer blow to the nationalist’s economic credibility. It is time we saw a little honesty from the Yes camp about what their plans would mean for spending on key public services.”

From: David May



Good news about Montrose Infirmary

By David May

As I have campaigned for the re-opening of our Montrose Infirmary I am very pleased to be told that the GP Unit at the Infirmary will also be open for admissions from Wednesday, 16 July. This is obviously good news for so many people in the Montrose area and I am aware that is very welcome.

Apparently, there are currently six Montrose patients being cared for at Brechin. The individual patients will be clinically assessed, in consultation with their own GP, to see if transfer to the GP Unit at Montrose Infirmary is appropriate.

As fas as the Community Maternity Unit at the infirmary is concerned it has been fully operational including a full range of maternity services since Saturday, 21 June.and the NHS Tayside have stated that here have been two births in the unit this week and all services are back to business as usual.

From: David May

By David May

Excellent news that our police been conducting these raids on these legal high shops like the one in Montrose called ‘Evape-o-lution’, as I have heard that substances have been sold in those shops which may not be legal and may be dangerous. It is clear that people have been hospitalised and increasingly more have died across our country through taking those New Psychoactive Substances or so called legal ( or some are calling lethal) substances so the more that can be done by the justice system the better.

As a local councillor I call on the owners of these shops to show moral responsibility and put the health of young and not so young people first and close these shops down now.

Montrose Review article

“A Montrose shop was the target of a police raid as part of a regional operation against so-called ‘legal highs’ this week.

‘Evape-o-lution’ on the town’s High Street was one of three shops in the Tayside region which was the subject of the co-ordinated raid on Monday (July 7).

The other premises that were searched were similar ‘head shops’ in Arbroath and Perth.

Executing warrants in respect of drug searches and reckless conduct, a full search team of 11 officers and a sniffer dog searched the Montrose shop looking for items that fell into either category.

The Area Commander, Chief Inspector Gordon Milne, told the Review: “Monday saw the execution of several search warrants granted to Police Scotland to enter various properties, search for and then seize articles and other evidence which we believe will be evidence of criminal

“This follows on from months of intelligence gathering and enquiries by Angus based officers into the sale and supply of New Psychoactive Substances (NPS).

“We are working very closely with the Crown Office and Procurators Fiscal Service both locally and nationally as much of our work in terms of dealing with the supply of NPS is legally ground-breaking.

“The physical evidence which we secured on Monday will be assessed over the next couple of weeks, which will then dictate the future directions of our enquiries.

“Ultimately, as soon as possible, we hope to submit reports to the Procurator

“I am delighted with the way in which the operation has gone and I am proud of my officers in the way in which they have worked tirelessly on this issue, as I am extremely aware of the significant public concerns there are across Angus with regards to the supply and sale
of NPS.”

From: David May



YM garden progress

By David May

As vice chair of the YM, I have visited the YM garden near Strathmore Place in Montrose and have been very impressed with the progress which has been made.

David Pullar of local professional gardening company Pullar Horticulture has
given his invaluable advice and help to Val Cooper and the YM staff in planting a wide variety of shrubs and herbaceous perennials which have been generously donated to the
YM. David has not only dug in and watered the plants but assisted by advising where the plants should be located for best visual effect. The work which has been done has
very considerably enhanced the garden and thanks are due by the YM to David and his staff Gabi Ujhelyi (Garden Designer) and Craig Milne (gardening assistant) for the hard work they put in.

From: David May



Child Abuse Inquiries hugely welcome

By Sanjay Samani

The announcement today that there will be inquiries into historic child abuse allegations is a huge step forward for this country. It is a real indication that child abuse needs to finally be brought out of the shadows and something we need to listen to, stop hiding, stop being silent about and start challenging.

You can read about plans for inquiry in allegations against MPs and a wider enquiry by clicking here.

Lib Dem MP Tess Munt was magnificent on BBC Radio 4′s PM programme this afternoon – standing up for children and being open with her own experiences of abuse. I heard it on the way to canvassing this evening and I was humbled by what I heard and felt immensely proud that Tessa is a Lib Dem MP, standing up for victims, standing up for the forgotten, standing up for those that need our help.

You can listen to Tess Munt’s interview by clicking here.

As an adoptive parent and as someone who is deeply aware of the impact of child abuse; whether it be physical, mental or sexual, today’s developments are highly welcome. It feels as if we have opened a new chapter in bringing justice to the victims of decades of abuse.

If the legacy of the catastrophes of the behaviour of Jimmy Saville, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Cyril Smith and others is a sea change in our attitudes to child abuse and our willingness to discuss it openly, challenge it as unacceptable and also brings forward justice, support and resolution for victims

The wide ranging needs to have no limitations and investigate what was known and covered up by Government departments, by the BBC, by institutions and by the Catholic Church. No stone should be left uncovered, no voice unheard.

We need to transform our culture where too many people cannot cope with hearing about child abuse, refuse to believe what they hear or see and are too willing to remain silent.

I highly welcome today’s developments and as an MP would fight to ensure that the inquiry meets the needs of victims who at all times should remain the primary focus.

From: Sanjay Samani

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